Gaming at Affinity


Gaming gear like dice & dice bags


Card mats & sleeves


Large selection of plushies

Regardless of your niche, having gaming gear and accessories can greatly enhance the experience. To organize growing collections of cards and dice to adding extra flair to the table. Our popular gaming accessories include dice, dice bags, deck boxes and cardboard storage boxes. An array of adorable and squishy plushies are also available at our DeKalb location.

Polyhedral Dice

Gaming Gear and Accessories In-Store and Online

Both of our locations provide a variety of dice, card mats and storage. Our most popular gaming accessory is our wide stock of miniatures. Learn more about our miniatures and be sure to visit our online store for more products that we do not stock at our physical locations.

Since we have partnered with MadsMakings, the dice bags we sell are frequently changing. Give our display a look at either of our locations to see the new reversible and crocheted designs that are currently in stock.